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We provide 4 day tours that are fully planned with support from local people who provide complementary services.
We also have selected the best destinations for you to discover. Live and enjoy the Galapagos.
I invite you to see each of our offers, I’m sure you will find one to your liking.
If you would like your own tourist security packet, we can adobes one for you.


Nature Expeditions is a Travel Agency and Tour operator, wich was created in 2003 by an ecuadorian family whose member have been working in tourism for 25 years. We have a branch agency in Galapagos and work to promote the sustainable tourism focused in local development.

Nature Expeditions is the combination of nature, adventure and challenges, that create the best experience around of this magical country that is Ecuador.

We are an incoming operation specialized in tailor made, organized tours according to their preferences and desires, tours for groups, families, honeymoons, and more. We also offer consolidated touristic packages (from the local base and island hopping) with fixed dates of departure and complimentary services; tourist excursions and packages with dates of your choosing, you can choose group or private tours; we provide advice to guide our clients to receive a trip that exceeds their expectations.

We want to be leaders in sustainable tourism, supporting the local development and adhering to the regulations for the protection of the Galapagos.

The experience of visiting Galapagos will be remember for those who share this trip with us. We are an Incoming Tour Operator specialized in tailor made tours,falily tours and group tours as well, that allow us to give to the passenger the best service.

¡The adventure can not be told, you have to live it!



If you wish to visit the Archipelagos of Galapagos, sailing overnight by catamaran, sailboat or motorboat, enjoying exquisite food prepared on board, then we offer you the best boats in the following categories:




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Best Guarantee

Best Guarantee

Why travel with us? Because adventure can’t be told, you have to live it.

Share our business

Share our business

We share our business with conservation and preservation of the islands, this is how we develop locally. We support their projects and ventures that are carried out in the province.

Personalized Services

Personalized Services

We provide personalized services for our clients, guaranteeing quality during your stay in the Galápagos Islands.

Social Pojects

Social Pojects

We support social contribution projects such as Horse Rescue & Friends with the purpose of educating and raising awareness in the community